Dealer / Quantity Orders

Dealers have three ways to buy used kei class mini trucks from Japan:

  1. Flying Horseshoe Trading Co. ( will typically present you with usually about 7-10 un-reconditioned Supermini Trucks from Japan to be delivered to our Oklahoma Headquarters where individually there are fully checked out & mechanical repairs made as required to minimize any down time & get you only quality good running Trucks at a fair price. You always know what you are getting and so do we. We buy only the nicer trucks from Japan and we have loads on the dock or on the water every week. We don't wait to get your hard earned money and then go on a minitruck buying spree - Ww buy units everyday to get them on the way here. We only buy units that we know to be marketable with minimum expense needed after they reach the USA. We will show you the lists available complete with Make, Model, Year, VIN #, Options, Kilometers, & typicaly pictures as well.
  2. At our Oklahoma Headquarters we will have over 50 in stock for you to choose from & as well as few other select locations within the USA, reconditioned trucks are available at dealer wholesale. If you are close enough to one of our associates we will help you connect with them for reconditioned trucks available for immediate delivery, if this is your preference. They cost more but they are here now & ready for delivery today. We can put you in a couple units in the next few days to get you started while you first load is on the way.
  3. We can custom order your trucks for fleets or clubs . This may take a little longer, but we will try and get exactly what you want.

Dealers can buy high quality trucks and other used imported equipment to sell

Flying Horseshoe Trading Co ( has sources far better than the average suppliers in Japan. We buy from the better quality yards in Japan. We also have several Automobile Dealerships in Japan that we regulary buy through. We also buy through the Auction networks in Japan and we require that these Japanese businesses supply nothing less than quality units. A couple of our yards supply only premium grade trucks. We have a quality control team in place in Japan to insure we only get better quality units.

Our references will verify the quality we provide

You are always welcome to visit our Oklahoma headquarters & dealership to see the trucks in person, or we can offer you dealers and associates with these outstanding trucks to contact and verify how great they are. Our unreconditioned trucks often look better than reconditioned trucks from inferior sources. We are the mini truck importer with more consistent quality - we stand on it and strive to be better. We have been selling used Japanese trucks for over three Years. What is most important is to have good connections in Japan, the logistics in place, the parts & supply chain in constant motion and to do business with people the way you would want to be treated.

We provide parts, sources and aftermarket accessories for our Super Mini Truck buying dealers

Flying Horseshoe Trading Co. ( has lots of sources for parts, and other useful supplies for our dealers. With these sources you can buy at better prices, offer parts support, have aftermarket products, repair trucks faster, and keep customers happier.

This website will provide leads for your truck selling efforts

Flying Horse Shoe Trading Co. ( receives a huge volume of consumer requests for Super Mini Trucks from all over the country every day. When you become a dealer through Super Mini Trucks we can arrange to provide those local detailed individual truck purchase requests to you. We want to help you become a successful truck dealer so you will have these leads & reorder thru us.

Do you have what it takes to sell used imported mini trucks from Japan?

How well you will do in this business will depend on how many small acreage properties are in your area, Farms, Ranches, popularity of hunting, fishing,& recreational areas in the near vicinity, and so on. The kind of money your vicinity possesses, how easy you are to locate, your sales and marketing skills, how you treat people, your local reputation, and your available truck purchasing funds all come into play.

Explore the Flying Horseshoe Trading Co. ( opportunity for your territory.

If this opportunity appeals to you, and you want to find out more, please fill out the appropriate dealership request form. If you like what you see in our response then we should talk to determine what specifically you would like from Japan. Then we can get you a quote from one or more of the loads we currently have in our current logistics starting with trucks & or equipment still in the yards in Japan, to units currently in The USA on how much each piece of equipment costs, how much the shipping from Japan to your final location would run. Including shipping insurance on the equipment along with all current data & typically pictures of the trucks or other equipment for you to evaluate.

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