About Us

Our passion for power sports comes from innate knowledge of the land and respect for the environment. Our family has been on the American frontier for six generations. Prudence, integrity, and pride are the bedrock of our business.  Super Mini Trucks was conceived by needing the best equipment to maintain a Farming, Ranching,  &  Feedlot environment.

Ten plus years later there are now a staple of  not only our operations but many similar operations. There is over 100,000 trucks in service today in the US

Whether you are a Farmer, Rancher, Contractor, Property Manager, Mechanic, Off-road rider, or a Motocross racer, we will give you the best products, recommendations, and resources. You can count on it.

We are the only Mini Truck  purveyor in the United States that has thousands of factory parts in stock on our shelves  in the USA for Japanese 4x4 mini-trucks -- ready to be shipped to you. If Not it  is only a few days away in Japan, we EMS packages every Thursday out of Tokyo, Yokohama, &  Japan. We Pallet once a month on the heavier things & still have a few containers coming in throughout the year.

Super Mini Trucks is backed by over 10 years of experience in the industry, delivering aftermarket tires, parts, accessories, and accessories  to dealers, retailers, and the general public. Our inventory consists of 20,000 items – everything you need for your Mini Truck, or  Mitsubishi  produced  Willy’s Jeep.  Plus we have been providing parts & service for the Mini Trucks since we started. We work on them everyday & have for over 10 years. We know something about them.

We talk WE ship every week out of Japan & have for years to Japan every day , order parts, & get advice & tips from Japanese engineers & vendors

WE do not sell Chinese made knockoffs. We are a OEM or Made in Japan purveyor only.   

We are not a “Johnny Come Lately”  that sell the cheap Chinese crap that won’t last 6 months if you are lucky,                        

Don’t be foolled  !!!   Most likely the OEM or equal part out of Japan that you are needing to replace is  probably 10-20 years old & it’s just now failing.  Simple you get what you pay for.

We also  stock  over 50,000 aftermarket tires, parts, accessories, for Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, Harley Davidson, ATV’s   UTV’s,  Jet Skis & Snowmobiles, We understand the terrain and we know how to ride it. We have over 40 years of experience with all types of power sports. Some not so powered.

As a small business, we take pride in getting to know our customers. We built our reputation of kind, considerate service one customer at a time. We keep our prices low by not having all the hype, fancy bells & whistles. Super Mini Trucks is an economical, easy, efficient, way to do business, no hidden gimmicks or charges.

We have a small overhead, adequate staff & don’t want to be so big that we can’t be personable. Individualized attention at a reasonable price, we look forward to earning your confidence. Give us a call today you will be glad you did. Or please shop our online secure store. Thank You!!!